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About Us

Passionate about sustainable Peru and Lima tours

Responsible travel

Alternative Peru believes very strongly in the values and positive impact of Responsible Tourism. Want to learn more about the ways in which we try to ensure our tours are responsible and sustainable? Check out the section dedicated to responsible travel.

Economic responsibility95%
Environmental responsibility85%
Social responsibility90%

Our Team

Alternative Peru was founded in 2014 by Carlos and his Belgian wife Natalie. Since then, the Alternative Peru team has grown into a very diverse team of tour leaders, bilingual guides, cooks, local guides, drivers, artisans, artists. Most of them based in Lima but with roots all over Peru: coast, Andes and Amazon.

How can you help?

Some visitors want to continue supporting the projects or people they visited on their tour. There are different ways you can do that.

One-off donations

For school supplies, to support the activities of the project or for an educational trip for the kids

Recurring donations

Support a project to provide activities for 1 child on a monthly basis 


Donate your time and volunteer in a responsible and sustainable way