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7 apps and websites that make traveling more sustainable and fun!

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Travelers from around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the ecological, economic and social impact of traveling. That’s why a lot of them choose to discover new countries through sustainable tourism. But sometimes it is easier said than done. Do you also want to travel...

How can you help protect the Amazon Rainforest?

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Back in school, my first introduction to the Amazon rainforest was as the ‘lungs of the world”, its existence essential for our own survival. Even though it was still something very abstract in elementary school, it convinced me to volunteer for a WWF campaign to ‘save the...

Lima is not grey!

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What to do in Lima: Discover Lima through your 5 Senses! We admit that Lima isn’t exactly the city that travelers adore at first sight. Five months a year (June through October) the garúa covers the city sometimes high in the sky, sometimes even in between the buildings and homes...
Artisan and Pachacamac Tour - Alternative Peru

Pachacamac: the most underrated Lima attraction?

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Just south of Lima, a mere 30 minutes drive (without Lima traffic) along the coast, lie the important ruins of Pachacamac. It’s definitely not a boring drive to get there. Starting at the green areas and modern buildings of Miraflores, the scenery abruptly changes and visitors...

Weather in Lima: a mystery unravelled

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Before you leave for your big trip to Peru, there are a series of packing dilemmas you have to get through first. To figure out what to pack for a trip to Peru, it is of course important to know what the weather in Lima and the rest of Peru will be like. This is surprisingly not...
Tips on how to be a responsible traveler

13 tips on how to be a more responsible traveler

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How can I become a responsible traveler? Our friends at Ethical Traveler have made this interesting list of easy-to-follow tips on how to act if you would like to become a more responsible traveler. At Alternative Peru, we try to maximize the positive impact travelers can have...
5 historical places to see in Peru besides Machu - Ventanillas de Combayo

5 historical sites besides Machu Picchu you should visit in Peru

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Wondering what to do in Peru besides Machu Picchu? Machu Picchu is one of the new world wonders and it definitely deserves to be, but Peru has many more pre-Inca and Inca archaeological sites that are just as impressive. We often get the question from travelers which historical...
Awareness-raising show on our Lima tour

Child Domestic Workers and Theater

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The surprises of our Lima tour: a very special awareness-raising show by our favorite local kids A couple of months ago a volunteer of La Casa de Panchita, an NGO that works with domestic workers in Lima, came to the Ludoteca in Pamplona Alta to create a theatre play together...
5 tips volunteer in peru

5 tips for finding the right place to volunteer in Peru

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Volunteering in Peru There has been a lot of criticism on voluntourism and rightfully so. Still, many long-term travelers dream of leaving a positive impact on the places they visit. We believe that it is still possible to contribute to the local communities as a volunteer in...
Alternative Peru’s Favorite Peruvian Food - Anticuchos

Alternative Peru’s Favorite Peruvian Food

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Peruvian food is into fashion. Our gastronomy is taking over the world! It seems that Peruvian restaurants are popping up in all major cities around the world and famous chefs are praising various Peruvian dishes. We won’t argue with that of course. There is so much variety:...