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Child Domestic Workers and Theater

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The surprises of our Lima tour: a very special awareness-raising show by our favorite local kids

A couple of months ago a volunteer of La Casa de Panchita, an NGO that works with domestic workers in Lima, came to the Ludoteca in Pamplona Alta to create a theatre play together with the local children. They worked hard every week for months to write the script, practice their roles and build the background. They came up with a very colorful and interesting play about their lives as child domestic workers: about the tasks they do, the risks they run and about how they feel about their situation.

Eveli, the coordinator of the Ludoteca, and one of our local guides, told us the play was a great success! It thought the children to speak in front of an audience about things that matter to them. They performed the play for their parents and siblings to share their experiences with them and show them how their lives as domestic workers are actually like. They even had an international audience. Our visitors of the day joined us in watching the play while on our Lima tour! On another occasion they went all the way to a school in another district to perform their play on a big stage in front of many spectators.

An experience they will remember for a long time….


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