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Alternative Peru’s Cusco Tours

Our Cusco tours want to take visitors off the beaten path and show them Cusco and surroundings beyond the main touristic attractions. Whether it is a visit to one of the local urban communities of Cusco or an indigenous rural community outside of Cusco, it will give you a different, authentic experience and will make you feel faraway from the touristy vibes of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Our Cusco tours are responsible intercultural experiences where you’ll learn more about the locals’ daily life and their traditions, meet some truly amazing people and witness a local social project that is making a difference or initiatives to keep their indigenous culture alive!

Of course we can also organize a more classical tour for you to the highlights of the Sacred Valley or Cusco but always with a local, off-the-beaten-path twist. If you have a specific request for a customized tour, let us know! We’d be happy to organize your stay in Cusco!

Cultural Exchange on the Rainbow Mountain

This tour combines a visit and trekking on Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain or the Mountain of Seven Colors, with an authentic and local experience in the nearby indigenous communities, where you'll share time and meals with the locals.
From $ 100
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Cusco Women: Reality and Hope

Live an unforgettable experience with the teenage mothers of Casa Mantay and their children, get to know this great family and its history, visit and participate in the leather workshop which employs these young women, and have lunch with the entire team on this Cusco Women tour.
From $70
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Day Tour from Cusco: Andean Spirituality Tour

Learn about Andean spirituality on this day tour from Cusco to a local indigenous community, participate in traditional ceremonies, feel the energy of sacred places and enjoy an authentic intercultural experience while admiring the amazing Andean scenery.
From $60
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Cusco Today: The other side of the city

Half-day tour
This half-day Cusco tour is a journey off the beaten path to the real life of the urban population of Cusco. This experience is a meaningful and respectful cultural exchange with local Cusqueños on current topics. Get to know a Cusco beyond the touristic sights on a visit to its urban local communities!
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Alternative Sacred Valley Tours

1 day or 1 day/1 night
Our Sacred Valley and Cusco tours will take you to places that most tourists won’t visit and allow you to see this region through the eyes of the local indigenous people. You will share a meal and stories with them and you can even stay the night at their house.
From $99
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