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Different ways you can help a great cause!

20160408-67Education is key to escape poverty in Peru. Looking for a better education for their children, is the most important reason for many parents to leave their rural towns and move to the big cities, especially Lima. Unfortunately the entire education system is still very discriminatory in Peru. While there are public schools, the quality is often abominable especially in comparison with expensive private schools. Any family that has a bit of money, tries to send their kids to a private school (different cost categories). However, if you don’t have money, you don’t really have a choice but to go with a public school. Now, this is not the only disadvantage that kids of poorer families have. Their parents often work really long days or they have not been to school themselves, so they can’t really help with homework or studying. Many of these kids live in small houses with little privacy and space to do homework or study.


Jugando Aprendo is a great organization that tries to give the kids of the community they work in a better chance to perform well in school, and so perhaps make it to university or an other form of continuing education. Three times a week, kids come to the Ludoteca, their safe space, where they can do their homework with the help of ‘promotors’, young people from the same neighbourhood who used to go to the programs of Jugando Aprendo but are now already studying (and as such provides them with a fair income) and as such are role models for these younger kids. Many of these kids work as domestic workers (as early as from the age of 8 years old – which of course even further diminishes their chances to go on and study) and Jugando Aprendo also has a specific program for them, teaching them about their rights, empowerment and working with their parents to prevent child labor.

Unfortunately Jugando Aprendo’s funding for part of their projects is running out at the end of 2017 and it would be such a shame if their great work would have to stop. We’ve been helping them find ways to find alternative funding.

Many of our visitors, after going on our tour and meeting some of the great people of this neighbourhood and learning about the work of Jugando Aprendo have asked us how they can help. That’s why Alternative Peru and Jugando Aprendo decided to set up a structured way to help and to make a real difference.

One-off donations

img_165020 USD: School supplies

50 USD: Support 1 child for 1 month at Jugando Aprendo’s programs

300 USD: An educational trip for the kids (who don’t often leave their neighborhoods)


Recurring donations:

50 USD per month: Support 1 child for 1 month at Jugando Aprendo’s programs

100 USD per month: Support 2 children for 1 month at Jugando Aprendo’s programs

You’ll receive an update and a letter from your ‘godchild’ every 3 months (which we will photograph and email to you!)


One of the main reasons that we ‘re organizing this, is because we want to limit the costs that are reduced from the donation. We can receive donations on our US Paypal or on a European account and we then transfer that money within Peru to Jugando Aprendo. Unfortunately we cannot give a certificate of donation that you can use for tax purposes.