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Educational & Volunteering

Volunteering and educational tours for adults and students

Our Educational Mission

Part of Alternative Peru’s mission is to promote and encourage deeper learning and understanding of Peru and Peruvian culture. For instance social, economic and environmental issues. 

We believe that learning about these issues goes beyond Peru. It encourages visitors to reflect about society and life as a whole. At Alternative Peru, we see it as our mission to send visitors home with a life changing experience. 

Because this educational mission is very important to us, we develop educational tours for adults as well as for high school or university students. These tours are customised and usually combines educational activities with the traditional touristic ones. 

Educational Experiences

Educational tours focus on one or more issues, for instance indigenous, socio-economic, or environmental issues. Students visit several places and people to learn about different aspects of those issues.

Different as on our regular tours, we also talk to several experts. These are not necessarily all scientists but can also be experts because of their life experience. 

The educational experiences can be organised for both school or student groups and adults in smaller groups. They can take from one day to a multiple-week program.

Lastly, why choose us for your educational tour? Our team is highly educated and has experience in research and academics related to these issues and can therefore also easily make the link to the bigger picture.

Examples of Educational Tours

For a group of Chinese students, we annually organize a research trip of about one week in Lima and the Amazon. Past subjects have been: Amazon conservation, women empowerment, fair trade.

For a group of adult learners, we organized an educational tour in Lima and Cusco area exploring several contemporary issues, such as socio-economic and environmental issues and gender. Of course combined with some of Peru’s highlights and several local encounters with cultural exchange.

For a group of students of sustainable tourism from the US, we organized a several-day program with examples and good practices of responsible tourism.

Past Volunteering Experiences

For a group of US high school students, we organized a 3-day experience in a human settlement of Lima. They helped paint a stairway, assisted with some light construction work of the local soup kitchen and did some activities with the kids of Jugando Aprendo.

We developed a 3-week combination of tourism and volunteering experiences in Lima and in the Iquitos and Cusco areas for a single US traveler.

A Canadian student group spent one week in Lima volunteering in a human settlement and taking surf classes. They stayed another week in a small village in the Andes to help install solar panels for a local school.

Volunteering Experiences

We believe it is very important to give back to the community you visit. One way a visitor can do this is by donating his or her time in a responsible and sustainable way. The volunteering experiences vary from half a day to 2 weeks or even several months and they are both for individuals as for larger groups.

We look for the best option for your particular background and interests. Part of the fee is used for materials or other expenses of running the activities of the project.


Please send an email to info@alternativeperu.org with your questions or requests.