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Our Lima tours represent the rich diversity of Lima, the City of Kings. Some tours want to show travelers an off-the-beaten-path Lima while other tours include some of the more traditional sights combined with some hidden gems. Our Lima tours range from a more traditional tour of the colonial center with some hidden gems and a different perspective to a visit to a human settlement where you’ll learn about life in these harsh conditions, meet some truly amazing people and witness a local social project that is making a difference.

Lima has so much to offer and we’re constantly working to add more Lima tours. We strongly believe that Lima is not getting the attention it truly deserves. Believe us when we tell you it’s worth it to stay here for a few days! You’ll be amazed on the many things it has to offer. If you have a specific request for a customized tour, let us know! We’d be happy to organize your stay in Lima!


Barranco Ultimate Peruvian Food Tour

Taste some of Peru's favorite food and drinks in one of the most beautiful districts of Lima: Bohemian and artsy Barranco. Learn how to prepare the Peruvian national dish ceviche and the national drink pisco sour. Discover the history behind some of the most iconic Peruvian dishes.
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