Alternative Peru - Responsible Travel Experiences

Alternative Peru’s tours support the following NGOs:

Saphichay: Preserving Indigenous Culture

Saphichay - Alternative Peru

Saphichay’s mission is to protecting and develop indigenous rights by braiding indigenous and mestizo communities through the preservation, reintegration, unification and empowerment of indigenous practices and people. It aims to help people reconnect to their ancestral roots and to help people understand and support how all our community lives. Its activities in Peru focus on promoting traditional storytelling, agricultural practices and architecture. For more information about Sapichay, please visit

Ruwasunchis: Capacity-Building for Vulnerable Youth

Ruwasunchis - Alternative Peru

Ruwasunchis is a not-for-profit organisation formed by a multidisciplinary team of young people which has as its objective to improve the quality of life of the poorest citizens of Peru. Ruwasunchis focuses on the development of capacities, empowerment and the development of entrepreneurship, in harmony with the environment. For more information about Ruwasunchis, please visit

La Casa de Panchita: Empowerment of Child Domestic Workers

La Casa de Panchita - Alternative Peru

AGTR – La Casa de Panchita fights for the rights of domestic workers (mainly women) of all ages. They organize workshops for both children and adults to raise awareness of their rights in creative ways while also advocating for a better framework for the protection of the rights of domestic workers. For more information about La Casa de Panchita, please visit