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Alternative peru - Eveli
Local Guide Lima Tour

Hi, I’m Eveli and am one of the local guides on the Lima tours. At the age of 7, I started working as a domestic worker. At the age of 13, I was invited to ‘Casa de Panchita’, where I learned about my rights as a child domestic worker. Now I’m the coordinator of the organization Jugando aprendo (‘Learn while playing’), where we help children who are domestic workers, just like I was. I’d love to tell you more about our organization, the welcoming community we work in, the issues and hardships we face and introduce you to some very friendly people!


Hi, I am Placido, but you can call me Placi. Originally I am from Huancayo, but I’ve been living in Lima for many years. Before I became a driver for Alternative Peru, I worked as an auto mechanic. You might want to know that my driver’s licence is spotless: I have never committed any traffic violations, and I’m proud of it! While I am getting you to your destination, I would love to chat with you!

Guide & Coordinator Community Stay Huaraz

I’m an indigenous, Quechua-speaking Andean who has lived all my life in Wilcahuain, a community near Huaraz. I’m an expert in traditional agriculture and medicinal plants. Thanks to the gifts of my ancestors, I’m also an amauta (‘master’ or ‘wise’).  I’m committed to my community and recently took on the position as secretary-general of 11 communities. I love sharing my knowledge with people from all over the world so the ancestral wisdom and traditions of my culture can be maintained.

Guide Lima Tours

Hi Everyone. I’m a certified tour guide in French, English, Italian, Portuguese and of course in Spanish. I’ve been working in tourism for the last 4 years, but before I worked as a dishwasher at a Polleria, a cook assistant and finally as a waiter. It was especially this last job that inspired me to study tourism. My Andean roots also played an important role in my decision. My parents are from the northern Andes (Cajamarca), but my brothers and I were born and raised in Lima. My passion and knowledge about my country is not just a job but a way of life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m so glad I get to share the wonders of my beautiful country with visitors.

Guide Lima Tour

Hola, I’m Patrícia! Japanese descendant, born and raised in Brazil – but I’ve been living and working abroad for a couple of years. I’m passionate about development and women’s rights, and in 2014, I was elected Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment for a UN platform. I first came to Peru to work with an NGO in one of the remote areas of Lima. Now, I’m pursuing my Master’s in Gender studies and I’ve joined Alternative Peru with the aim to encourage responsible tourism. I’d love to welcome you and guide you through the colorful ‘cerros’ in Lima.

Local Guide

Hola! My name is Rocío and I’m 26 years old, I have two beautiful children, Jazmin and Adrian. Besides being a local guide, I also work on several projects for Jugando Aprendo: I tutor, I do family visits and I work with local teenagers. Join me on a tour and I’ll tell you much more about life in our community in a way that we both learn from each other!

Local Cook

Muy bienvenidos! A couple of years ago, I lived higher up in the hills but for my youngest daughter Dana, who has Down Syndrome, we needed to move to a a place where it’s less humid and easier to walk up and down. I’m a very enterprising person who loves to negotiate and make deals. That’s why I prefer working independently and manage my own little shop. Please feel welcome in our cosy house and enjoy my traditional cooking from Huancayo, the city where I was born!

Local Cook

Hi there! I’m Carmen. I love cooking and I’m one of the local ladies that will make lunch for you if you visit us on the Lima tour. Besides cooking for visitors, I also help out in the local comedor or soup kitchen where we sell meals for a very low price to locals and provide meals to the most vulnerable ones in our community for free. I would love to welcome you to my home!

Sra. Ninfa - Alternative Peru
Local Cook

Buenas tardes! My name is Ninfa and I am one of the local chefs in Pamplona. I was born in Ayacucho, but when I was about 10 years old my family moved to Lima to escape terrorism. In Lima, I first worked as a child domestic worker, but I had a difficult time because I only spoke Quechua. Now I’m active as a community leader and volunteer. Years ago, I started a local soup kitchen where locals can get cheap and healthy meals. These days I volunteer for vaso de leche and provide breakfast for about 30 vulnerable children. I’m happy to cook for you too!

Guide Lima Tours

I´m a Limeño with Andean ancestry, proud of my roots and culture, but concerned about the social struggles of my people. I am also in a constant state of wanderlust. After university, I left my hometown and lived around Asia for 7 years. I was a student, teacher, advertiser, food columnist and even became a certified cook of Sichuanese cuisine in China! But my roots wanted me to come back. So I returned home and founded an initiative to bring electricity to remote and poor Andean communities. That’s why I also joined Alternative Peru, where in addition to promoting sustainable development, I have the opportunity to show you the many reasons why I´m so proud of my country and people!

Guide Lima Tours

Hola a todos! My name is Alberto. I’ve studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and I’ve been working in this area for the last 9 years. I was born in Lima but my family comes from the beautiful city of Huaraz. Before I started working in the extraordinary, fascinating field of tourism and travel, I dedicated most of my time to painting and music. More recently, I have found a new passion for my free time: Muay Thai training.

Local Guide

Hi! I’m Elizabeth and I live in the district San Juan de Miraflores, I’m 18 years old. Thanks to my 4 year experience working in the Ludoteca with children and youngsters, I decided to study Psychology. Right now, I’m preparing for the admission exams to go to university. In high school, I was one of the students with the highest grades, so everyone knows that I really like to study! I love working as a guide for Alternative Peru because in that way I can also learn about the different cultures from all over the world.