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Responsible Peru Tours Off the Beaten Path

Our Peru tours offer affordable responsible tourism options focusing on local and authentic experiences. We want visitors to have meaningful intercultural encounters with the local population while visiting some of the many amazing places Peru has to offer. Peru’s diversity is incredible and we try to represent this richness in our tours. On our Peru tours, you can learn more about Andean indigenous culture while staying in a small community. You could also explore the wonders of the jungle while staying in an authentic ecological lodge in the Amazon. Or what about discovering Kuelap, the new Machu Picchu or taking an off the beaten path tour in the Sacred Valley, Cusco.

All of our Peru tours include responsible intercultural exchanges with the local population. These tours are perfect for those that don’t just want to visit the main tourist sights but really want to get to know Peru and its incredible people. Peru is so much more than Machu Picchu and we try to promote some of these alternative sights.

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Community Stay Near Huaraz

3 Days 4 Nights
Visitors will experience daily life in the Andes and learn about the local culture and nature through a wide range of activities. Activities range from hikes or bike rides to workshops on traditional architecture, agriculture and handicrafts or cooking traditional dishes.
From $295
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Lima and Cusco Off The Beaten Path

During this 10 day tour, you will explore Peru’s extraordinary archaeological sites while also getting to know the Peru of today, meeting local people from all kinds of backgrounds. Throughout the trip, you can enjoy Peru’s wonderful cuisine, learn about its social issues and visit some great projects and initiatives striving to improve the lives of Peruvians today.
from 2100 USD
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Cultural Exchange on the Rainbow Mountain

This tour combines a visit and trekking on Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain or the Mountain of Seven Colors, with an authentic and local experience in the nearby indigenous communities, where you'll share time and meals with the locals.
From $ 100
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Cusco Women: Reality and Hope

Live an unforgettable experience with the teenage mothers of Casa Mantay and their children, get to know this great family and its history, visit and participate in the leather workshop which employs these young women, and have lunch with the entire team on this Cusco Women tour.
From $70
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Amazon Tour: Responsible Ecotourism on a Budget

Experience the Peruvian jungle in an environmentally and socially responsible way that doesn’t cost you a fortune! Learn more about its fauna, flora and the life of its inhabitants while staying in authentic and ecological jungle lodges run and managed by locals!
From $250
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Peru Off the Beaten Path

9 days
Discover the marvels of Peru from pre-Inca to present-day Peruvian culture, nature and local communities. A socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tour of some of Peru's highlights with a focus on intercultural encounters with locals.
$1600From $1400
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