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Our Mission

Responsible Tourism

Responsible, sustainable, authentic, alternative and off the beaten path

Growing Responsible
Tourism in Peru

Alternative Peru’s mission is to help grow responsible tourism in Peru because we believe it has great potential to strengthen Peru’s economy in a sustainable way and to replace harmful non-sustainable economic activities that are now driving Peru’s economy but are not decreasing inequality. Therefore, Alternative Peru creates and offers authentic off-the-beaten-path tours for travelers visiting Peru.

Tourism in Peru tends to focus on only certain areas of the country, which means that benefits from tourism are also concentrated in certain areas. At Alternative Peru, we know that Peru has so much more to offer. That’s why we want to give travelers the chance to discover some of the lesser known places of Peru, which allows them to experience Peruvian culture on a different level than if they would only visit the main tourist attractions. This will also ensure that more local people benefit from the growing amount of travelers to Peru.

Economic responsibility

We provide an income to some of the most vulnerable persons in the communities we visit and give them a fair pay.

Environmental responsibility

Our tours focus on responsible contact with nature and aim to educate about the challenges our environment faces today.

Social responsibility

We create authentic experiences for our visitors and culturally sensitive, respectful encounters between tourists and hosts.

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